This is the web site for Goembel Instruments, a business that specializes in the production of sensors for use on spacecraft. Goembel is pronounced 'gim-bəl, as in "three-axis gimbal".

Spacecraft Charge Monitor

Brief History

Dr. Luke Goembel founded Goembel Instruments in 1997 specifically to promote and build high performance charged particle spectrometers for space applications. Shortly after founding the business he invented the "Large Geometric Factor Charged Particle Spectrometer". The patented design significantly improves the performance of charged particle spectrometers.

After nearly a decade of promotion, research, and development our first flight-ready product, the Spacecraft Charge Monitor (SCM) was delivered to NASA in 2006. The SCM is designed to measure the static electric charge of spacecraft.

TSAT Space Weather Suite

In 2009, a modified version of the SCM for monitoring the up-to-kilovolt charging environment at geosynchronous Earth orbit was selected by both prime contractors in competition to build the TSAT satellites. Although no hardware was built due to the cancellation of the TSAT program, Goembel Instruments has continued the development of what is now called the Plasma Analyzer for Space Science (PASS). The proposed PASS instrument would energy analyze both positively- and negatively-charged particles simultaneously through a novel, high-performance design.

In 2010, Goembel Instruments started work on a solar wind monitor design. The monitor, based on patented Goembel Instruments technology, could revolutionize the monitoring of the solar wind.